Queen of Tarts

The night of the blizzard this week(Snowmageddon Snowpocalypse Killer Snow Whatever) Luis came home with a new tart pan from Crate and Barrel and bag full of butter and cream cheese. So . . . we made a fruit tart. Now I have never made one before. Have you? We are fans of what we call the “bobo cart” in the produce section of our grocery store. This is where they stick the past their prime fruits and veggies and charge around a dollar a pack. Since we shop often for fresh foods we usually grab a few things to use right away. This week we grabbed a huge pack of strawberries and blueberries. These are what inspired Louie to venture out for tart fixings in the middle of a snow storm.

photo (22)


Looks pretty good right?? I know. My arm still hurts from patting myself on the back. We used this recipe from Food Network and Paula Deen. And before we start counting the amount of butter you really can’t make a shortbread crust without it. The only thing we changed was substituting freshly made limeade for the concentrate it calls for in the recipe. Can you guess what else we got a ton of on the bobo cart this week? We had to up the cornstarch to 2 tablespoons to get the right gel consistency but it worked out fine.

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It came together a lot easier than I expected. You put the flour, powdered sugar and cut up butter into a food processor and pulse. It seriously did not look a thing like the “ball” of dough the recipe said we would have. But I started kneading it and it came together nicely.

photo (20)


I had made some from scratch whipped cream the day before and it held up just fine over night in the fridge to compliment the tart. It tastes like it came from the bakery. Is that a compliment? It should be. It was pretty darn good.

And if the pix of the tart aren’t sweet enough, how about a gratuitous cute doggie pic:

photo (23)

Stay warm and sleep well.



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