Better Late, Right?

Sooooo . . . . this post was supposed to go up on the 14th. At least it is still February. Ahem.

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My anniversary was on February 17th. We’ve been married for seven years. Since Valentine’s Day was on a Friday we decided to have our celebration then. We started with some lovely coffee and treats.

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We don’t usually do a big thing for either but since it was a weekend and I’d been making Valentines recently I was kind of in the mood.

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I love how Louie’s Valentine turned out. It is HUGE. That box is one of those photo boxes from the craft store.

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I also made one of those “52 Things I Love About You” card books that are all over Pinterest. Want some wine with that cheese? Hmm?  I made a lot of them funny (like his terrible Sean Connery impersonation) so we had a good time reading through them.

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Also seen on Pinterest were these little card men. So cute. The one in the back was made with a mini deck and I like him better than the full size. I will hang them on my Christmas tree going forward.

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And what is a celebration without bubbly? We enjoyed cava with Creme Yvette. It was yummy and also pink so win-win. I made the chocolate dipped strawberries. I always forget how simple they are to make. I use one of those mini crock pots to melt the chocolate chips which makes it even easier. Chocolate covered strawberries for every event, yeah!

So it was a lovely (though cold) weekend and a total blast to feel fancy and decadent. We also enjoyed a lovely dinner at our fave Italian place (only a short 3 block walk) and perhaps a few more glasses of bubbly. 😉

Cheers ~ Rebecca

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  1. Can’t believe it has been 7 years already! I remember when you got married. Boy, we’ve known each other a long time!

    Happy Anniversary!

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