Easy Pom Pom Drink Stirs

If you follow me on Pinterest (Ahem, you can do that HERE by the way) you probably think I’m a booze hound. Especially if you follow my Libations Board. Craft cocktails are all the rage these days and my husband is pretty fond of them. It’s kind of nice that he finally has a hobby that doesn’t revolve around XBox or whey protein. He creates cocktails the way I sometimes try knitting patterns, just to see if he can do it. For me this leads to multitudes of WIPs (Works In Progress) and UFOs (UnFinished Objects.) With cocktails you can just toss the bad results without too much guilt. In reality, I tend to be more of a collector of these craft cocktail recipes as we don’t end up trying very many of them. Louie has his own collection of cocktail books that he works from and since he declared 2014 “the year of less technology” he has been turning to them more often than my board.

When I throw parties I usually like to include a signature cocktail. Most often this consists of something mixed with sparkling wine. For our annual Christmas Craft Party last year we had a Cava* bar. You could create several cocktails but adding juices. Add orange juice and you have a Mimosa, add Cranberry juice and you have a Poinsettia. Add Pomegranate juice and you have a Holly Berry. (We made up that last one.) We set up champagne flutes with gold sugar rims and these pom pom drink stirs I made.

I loved the effect. So simple and easy.

photo (16)


I used wooden skewers I found in at the thrift for 99 cents (new in the package) and determined the correct length by using a champagne flute as a guide. I then cut my skewers with some old scissors and hot glued tinsel pom poms to one end. They held up pretty well so we will be able to use them again for another event.

Louie’s love of the craft cocktail has led us to start making over our basement into a lounge. It’s a nice finished space but is mostly full of crap we don’t need and laundry. So it’s good that we will start using it for living and I’m already enjoying the decorating aspect but more on that later. Next time I’ll share some of my favorite cocktails.

* – I use Jaume Serra Cristalino Cava which is a steal at my wine store at $7 a bottle. It’s crisp, dry and delicious. It is a great mixer but also very good on it’s own if you like a brut sparkling wine.

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  1. I love all your posts/articles…guess what I am enjoying now?? A mimosa with fresh squeezed OJ from mom & dads tree & Juame Serra Cristalino Cava lol

  2. You mean you don’t drink copious amounts of booze and wear glittery fascinators on a daily basis? Isn’t that what you “pin”? 😀 Those drink stirrers are cute.

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